Chamberlin Architects believes it is our responsibility to design functional and beautiful buildings and spaces that will enhance people’s lives and harmonize with their immediate surroundings. Our primary goal is to develop attractive, innovative design solutions that meet our clients’ programmatic objectives, budgets, and schedules. We aim to design buildings that are timeless rather than trendy, and to that end we consciously work away from fads whose appeal may quickly fade.

We know that clear, consistent communication is one of the keys to a successful project, and we value the give and take we have with our clients. By listening well and creating an individualized approach, we develop alternatives that are both visionary and practical. Together with our project engineers, we thoroughly research and rigorously investigate each unique design to establish a schematic vision upon which the project can proceed.


Ed Chamberlin founded Chamberlin Architects in Grand Junction in 1979. The historic Main Street building in which our office is located had been condemned. We rehabilitated the building, re-opened skylights for day­lighting and removed walls to create an open office plan.  More recently we have added office space, a back deck, and a rooftop photo­voltaic array.

We are an employee-owned firm with a focused, studio culture devoted to finding creative ways to achieve a project’s objectives. Chamberlin Architects aims to deliver design excellence and professional service typically associated with firms in larger urban areas. We are a personable, service-oriented group with accessible principals who remain fully involved with a project from concept through construction.


Designing resource-efficient buildings has been an integral facet of our firm since our inception. With LEED Accredited Professionals accounting for more than half of our staff, Chamberlin Architects is a proven leader in energy-efficient design. The U.S. Green Building Council has awarded a LEED Gold rating to four of our projects, and we have two more anticipated LEED Gold projects under construction. We typically use a sustainability checklist to identify green building systems and features even when a project is not seeking formal certification.

We think creatively to identify ways to achieve the maximum efficiency with the least cost. Starting with the under­standing that the buildings we design are going to be used for decades, we specify materials and systems that will be efficient, durable and maintainable far into the future.


Chamberlin Architects feels strongly that the reuse/recycling/ repurposing of existing buildings is environmentally responsible and can be as challenging as new construction. Analysis and rehabilitation of historic structures is a significant focus of our work. We have provided preservation architectural services to Department of the Interior National Park Service and the USDA Forest Service on culturally significant structures, and have worked closely with many State Historic Preservation Officers. The Museums of Western Colorado presented Chamberlin Architects with their 2016 Preservation Award.


Chamberlin Architects’ interior designer studio can skillfully translate your individual needs and taste into artful spaces that combine functionality and beauty. We carefully consider subtle details that go beyond attractive appearances, such as proper lighting, acoustic control and ergonomics, to help create a satisfying user experience. The civic, commercial, and residential clients who we serve have high expectations which we consistently meet. With virtually unlimited product options available to us, we can accommodate almost any budget and durability requirements. We will help you visualize our design options using hand sketches, renderings, 3-D computer-rendered perspectives, measured’s drawings, materials samples, and/or manufacturer’s product data sheets – whatever it takes to bring your project to life.