Mesa County Public Library – 970 West Production Studio

Grand Junction, Colorado

This new 2,900 sf audio/video production studio provides state-of-the-art spaces to create and edit original A/V content. The studio is located just north of the Central Library and, to establish a strong brand connection between the two buildings, the materials and massing refer back to the Central Library.

There is one studio for video/audio recording and one for editing. The building also contains an ‘Artist In Residence’ space which is assigned to applicants on a rotating schedule.

In the building’s central corridor an undulating wood ceiling cloud, con­structed of pine 2×6 framing, adds warmth and visual interest while serving to conceal mechanical ducts and electrical conduit. An overhead garage door opens to the corridor to facilitate the movement of gear in and out.

The control room and recording studio are designed for sound isolation by being detached from the main building structure as separate enclosures. The double wall and ceiling construction, combined with specialty acoustical self-sealing doors, complete the room assemblies.