ANB Bank, 6th & Rood – Facade Renovation

Grand Junction, Colorado

Mesa National Bank occupied a prominent but dated downtown concrete aggregate panel-clad building. This exterior remodel re-clad and updated the exterior for a fraction of what it would have cost to move and build a new building. As a result, MNB kept this structure, which had been their established head­quarters for decades, and maintained their downtown location.

The precise lines of new metal panels required an exact understanding of just how crooked the existing structure was. Several attempts to gener­ate an accurate 3-D digital scan were unsuccessful. In the end, control lines were established several inches outside of the actual building. This allowed the exist­ing con­struction to be mapped and new alignments to be established.

The existing clear anodized aluminum window frames were reused, although the glazing was replaced with two complimentary colors of selectively-coated insul­ating glass to reduce cooling loads. The result is a recycled, structurally sound building with a crisp new image and a business with a renewed commitment to downtown.

The 50-foot high tile murals were an attempt to visually reconfigure the bulky, awkwardly propor­tioned east and west stair towers.  The themes of water and sky link the elemental imagery to the new steel and glass. The images are intended to be more abstract and textural than representational, so they remain fresh and surprising. Mesa National Bank has since become ANB Bank.