Citizens National Bank Restoration

Glenwood Springs, Colorado

The Citizens National Bank Building was built circa 1910 and is on the National Register of Historic Places. At some time during the life of the building, the historic facade was removed and replaced with a modernized storefront. Also, an addition to the floor raised the finished floor elevation by approximately seven inches. This increase in elevation also added a ramp to accommodate entry into the building.

Our rehabilitation project removed the non-historic storefront and replaced it with a replica of the original ornate, terra cotta entrance pediment that had been demolished.

The floor addition was allowed to remain inside the building, but the ramp was removed and two steps were added outside to make the entrance more historically accurate. Accessibility was provided from the alley.

Interior modifications for a new bank tenant included replication of decorative ceiling plasterwork and historic teller windows, new restrooms, new finishes, and mechanical and electrical upgrades.