National Guard Field Maintenance Shop #3

for the Department of Military & Veteran Affairs, Grand Junction, Colorado

The 17,889 sf Field Maintenance Shop is a facility for servicing large vehicles. It has a work area on the north end of the building, and office and shared support spaces on the south end of the building. The shop area has five work bays with a bridge crane and sand/oil traps, two parts rooms, and a storage mezzanine. The shared support area includes an office, conference/training room, fitness room, restrooms, break room, locker rooms, and a library/work room.

High building mass, high insulation levels, and energy efficient HVAC systems contribute to reduced energy consumption. Natural day­lighting reduces and almost eliminates the need for electric lighting during the day, while exterior sun shades on the windows are designed to block direct sun in the summer, reduce glare, and assist light to penetrate farther into the building. This building met the criteria for a LEED Silver rating.