Great Salt Lake Shorelands Preserve

Layton, Utah

The limited development in this preserve provides opportunities for occa­sional research, and allows local school groups and mem­bers of The Nature Conservancy to have access to this sensi­tive envi­ronment. The visitor center consists of an open-air Pavilion with rest­rooms, a one-mile board­walk trail through prime bird-watching habitat, and a 30-foot-high observation Tower— all constructed of recycled train trestle wood.  It features more than thirty-four exhibits that range from 7-foot-tall curved aluminum panels to small colorful tile and plaque elements ingrained in the boardwalk under visitors’ feet.

The Pavilion starts with the Orientation Area, which displays interpretive exhibits to introduce visitors to the preserve.

From this point visitors can proceed directly to the boardwalk loop trail without interrupting other people in the Gathering Space, a seating area for 60 on log benches with a view toward the southwest and the Great Salt Lake.

The Tower enables visitors to ascend stairs to a viewing deck 30 feet above ground. It also provides a lower deck, fully accessible by ramp, twelve feet above ground. Both the ramp and the stairs wind around the tower struc­ture and are supported by cantilever timbers extending from a center pole.

Role: Design Architect  (Architect of Record: Buese + Peters Architects; Exhibits: SeaReach Ltd.)
AWARD: Society of Environmental Graphic Design (SEGD) Merit Award