Killian Office Building

Grand Junction, Colorado

This 2-story, 13,174 sf law office building was designed to fit in with the stately historic district of downtown Grand Junction and to integrate with the planned redevelopment of Seventh Street. With elegant profiles, timeless materials, and classic proportions, the Killian office building is a modern synthesis that relates harmoniously to its surroundings.

In order to maximize energy efficiency, special attention was given to natural lighting and the HVAC system. Natural light shapes the interior space. To meet the challenge of using daylight more effectively, angled ceilings, light baffles, high perform­ance glass, sun shades, and interior glazing were used.

Interior glazing from the confer­ence rooms and offices transmits light into the main lobby, central circulation, and file areas. This creates a natural and inviting feeling while retaining sound control and visual privacy where needed. The openness of the mezzanine, library, and file areas integrate the building and staff. The building was also designed with a ground source heat pump mechan­ical system.