C5 Medical Werks – Tenant Finish

A CoorsTek Company, Grand Junction, Colorado

C5 Medical Werks is a high-tech company. The modern, 5,400 sf corporate office space is clean, crisp, and precisely crafted. Suspended wood paneled ceilings and well placed, highly adjustable lighting create rhythm, warmth, drama, and human scale in a cavernous space. The reception desk is anchored by a sandstone-clad monolith. Its back side extends into the glass-walled conference room and serves as the projection screen where images appear to float in space.

The space includes the main reception and waiting area, conference room, offices and common area, multi-purpose cafeteria, restrooms, and storage areas. Offices are located on exterior walls with windows. Aluminum and glass interior walls allow daylight to flow into the center of the space. The precise joinery between diverse materials frees the visitor to experience the effect, rather than focusing on the mechanics.