Mesa County Workforce Center

on the Mesa County Community Services Campus, Grand Junction, Colorado

This 32,000 sf building is located adjacent to the existing Health and Human Services building, so exterior materials were designed to harmonize with it. The site was master planned to create a campus and promote future development along a newly created central spine, where pedestrians can walk between buildings without crossing vehicular traffic.

The facility includes six private offices, and sixty-eight cubicles in a “Big Room” to maintain the existing close communication between the multiple agencies co-located there. After-hours access is available to classrooms and the Business Center, which can be partitioned into four separate high-tech conference spaces. Other functions include ten interview rooms, a hearing room, a resource room, a testing center, and a small drop-in child care center. Skylights bring daylight into the main lobby, the pre-function areas outside of the conference room, and the Big Room.