Mexican Hat Fire Station

Mexican Hat, Utah

This 4,800 sf facility includes two fire truck bays, three maintenance bays, three sleeping rooms, offices, waiting room, multi-purpose room, shower/restroom, storage, pantry, and fire apparatus storage.

The greatest challenge to this project was to make the building blend into the landscape so that it appears to have been there for years.  With no natural vegetation on site, the only way to accomp­lish this goal was to mold the topography. Previously excavated rock was arranged to look like natural outcroppings that could pass as a natural formation.

This was done through on-site supervision by the architect, who directed rock placement and earth movement by the contractor.

To achieve the correct color of the exterior block, a sample of the local earth was sent to the block manu­facturer.  The second, gray block color was selected as an accent and is expected to take on the tone of the natural landscape color as it be­­comes coated with wind-blown dust.