Northern Great Plains Interagency Dispatch Center, for U.S. Forest Service

Rapid City, South Dakota

This 6,085 sf dispatch center provides emergency communi­cation services for eight federal, state, and local agencies. The facility includes a fire dispatch room with five consoles, two consoles for air support, plus a central control console. A large conference room is designed to serve as an expanded dispatch arm in the case of large or multiple events. The building layout locates the manager’s and the assistant manger’s offices so that they can view and manage both the dispatch and the expanded dispatch areas. IT and telecommuni­cations infrastructure is located as close to the center of the building as possible. Complete emer­gency backup power is available so that dispatch can continue to function if power goes down to the region.

The building is designed to use 30% less energy than a compa­rable building. These energy savings were achieved using a ground source heat pump system, energy efficient lighting, energy efficient win­dows, and increased insulation. SIPs (Struc­tural Insu­lated Panels) were used for exterior walls and roof, both for ease of construc­tion and to provide a high R-value thermal envelope.