Rim Rock & Pear Park Elementary Schools

Fruita, Colorado       Grand  Junction, Colorado

The design of these new K-5 schools was based on the successful design of Rocky Mountain and Dos Rios Elementary Schools which were completed seven years prior for School District 51. Rim Rock and Pear Park maintained the same basic features and added a Severe and Profound classroom and restroom, ESL/GT classrooms, and Pre-Kindergarten classroom(s) with their own play area.

Rim Rock Elementary is 54,000 sf. At 62,000 sf, Pear Park Elementary includes a regulation size gymnasium with hardwood floors for community use after hours.

Both schools have full kitchens. Colors and materials were selected for playfulness, enhanced wayfinding, durability and ease of main­tenance, while still maximizing energy efficiency through products like spectrally selective glazing. The intersection of the two main hallways was high­lighted with a large, thermally-broken skylight.