Skyland Recreation Center

Denver, Colorado

This 40,000 sf project started with a thorough assessment of the existing facility including gymnasium, swimming pool, weight room, multi-use rooms, locker rooms, and offices. A report was then issued which outlined recommendations for remodeling and a possible addition. Suggestions included unifying the random archi­tectural features and creating an identity for the center within the context of the surrounding neighborhood.

Our subsequent design called for demolition of two thirds of the deteriorating 1975 structure. Rehab­ili­tation of the existing building included treating the roof and walls of the natatorium where water damage had occurred, updating the men’s and women’s lockers, and creating new spaces for card playing, board games, and arts and crafts. New construc­tion included a high school regulation-sized gym with bleachers, an elevated running track for indoor jogging, office space, and an improved front desk to allow staff to monitor the facility more easily.