“Old Stoney” Sundance School

in the Black Hills National Forest, Sundance, Wyoming

“Old Stoney” is an 18,000 sf school building of critical importance to this small community. Built in 1923 of locally quarried sandstone, it was used for elementary and high school classes until 1971 when it was closed for school purposes. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1985. Vacant for many years, the building had sustained considerable damage and deterioration.

Chamberlin Architects completed an Historic Structure Assessment and overall condition analysis of the site and building. Then a feasibility study was done to determine the potential for reuse as the Forest Service District Ranger office, followed by a schematic design for the rehabilitation work.

Every attempt was made in the design and planning to preserve as much of the historic fabric as possible. Primary historic spaces, such as the lobbies and the third floor auditorium, were designed to be rehabilitated while other non-primary spaces were designed with compatible, contemporary finishes.