Wright Senior Center

Wright, Wyoming

The Wright Senior Center will promote an active and social lifestyle for seniors, with a sitting lounge, game room, exercise room, and an arts and crafts classroom. Meals will be prepared at the center and delivered to homes, so a garage will be provided to store vehicles. Multi-purpose spaces can be used for both senior and general public activities such as weddings, receptions, dance classes, etc. These rooms will be capable of seating at least 200 people and feeding them from the adjacent commercial kitchen. The Center will also house community assistance services to provide food and clothing for residents in financial need. These spaces will include an assis­tance office, food bank, and retail space where donated clothing will be sold or given away.

The 18,000 sf building is oriented on the site to provide views of the Bighorn Mountains and a buffalo ranch to the northwest. The entrance is located on the south side, taking advantage of the sun’s heat to minimize ice buildup and the risk of slipping accidents. The community assistance entrance, located on the east side, is hidden from the general site circulation in order to provide privacy for the people using the assistance services.

The building committee wanted the building to “look Wyoming”.  Our vision for the building is a modern interpretation of residential ranch, mining and agricultural architecture. Passive energy-saving features and environmental conservation strategies will be incorporated into the design, including clerestory windows located above internal spaces to reduce the need for artificial light.