Assurant Office Building

Rapid City, South Dakota

Assurant, Inc. is an international company that provides online transaction security and insurance products. Their Rapid City offices are located in two buildings: The Annex is a two-story, historic building, while the Tower is six stories, for a total of 67,000 sf. In 2011 a tenant vacated three floors of the Tower, enabling Assurant to expand. Chamberlin Architects prepared a space study to determine the maximum occupant load of the Tower and a space plan laying out executive offices, department offices, open cubicle areas, meeting rooms, break rooms, a public consultation room, and a quiet room. The construction that followed was completed in three phases to minimize disruption to ongoing operations. The restroom remodels were staggered so that every other floor always had functional restrooms.

The Tower was provided with all new finishes, lighting, mechanical ductwork, and data cabling. Tech­nology was designed to allow high security data sharing between branch offices and central servers. Meeting rooms were equipped with large video monitors, cameras, and a cabinet wall to hide equipment and provide cable management.

The interior color scheme was designed to extend the refurbished wood walls of the tower’s lobby throughout the building and to add the vibrancy of colors found in the Assurant brand logo. The elevator lobbies create the transition where the old and the new come together.