Culinary Arts Remodel – Western Colorado Community College

Grand Junction, Colorado

This fast-track, three-phase project remodeled the 3,600 sf Culinary Department at WCCC. Phase I remodeled an existing café that was tucked away and little used, opened it up to public space, and gave it an exciting new look. After the remodel was opened, sales at the café more than doubled.

Phase II demolished existing classroom and office space to make room for the new culinary skills lab and the baking lab. To accommodate timing and budget restrictions, the construction of the two labs was broken into two separate phases.

Since the rest of the classroom building remained in use during construction, work schedules were coordinated with class schedules to avoid any disruptions. All phases were completed from design through construction in seventeen months.

Chamberlin Architects worked with kitchen consultant E.F. Whitney to create a state of the art teaching kitchen that rivals any found in the Colorado/Utah region.